Many players find it difficult when it comes to playing draw hands. The purpose of this article is to introduce some tactics which you can use in case you hold a draw. What is a draw hand – this is a hand that can be improved later in the game. The worst mistake that can be done during the pre –flop is to choose a wrong hand. Pocket cards like King of diamonds and Jack of spades may seem to you very promising at first but as a rule, it is to be fold. Since many people try to play these type of combinations (not suited broadways), they often end up with mediocre draws such as gutshots (with a gap in the middle) or open ended straights and then they don’t know how to play in this situation. Beginners should avoid such combinations at all.

Hands like 7 of hearts and 8 of hearts are much easier to play than broadways since you know exactly what you need and the probability someone to hold also outs like yours or to form a better straight than yours is not very high. So much for the pre –flop game. Well, now let’s see what the types of the draw hands are and what should be the right approach to each of them. Let’s say that there are three main types of draw hands which differ greatly from each other and therefore they must be used in different ways.

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