Weak players play more aggressively before the flop, hoping to recover their losses after the flop by the money they’ll get forcing their opponents to fold during the pre –flop.

Good players try to make profit from both sources: thanks to the aggressive play during the pre-flop against tight aggressive players and thanks to the play after the flop against loose aggressive players.

In case the majority of your opponents are ready to place huge amounts of money into the pot before the flop, you are going to play a game in which the winner will be the player with the best hand. In case the game focuses on the next streets, you’ll have again opportunities for bluffing and you are much more likely to win with a weaker hand.

The more aggressive players and / or short stacks, the more aggressive and loose you can play with A, K draw. However, if the stacks aren’t short, it may be more advantageous to see the flop, even against an aggressive opponent.

Hyper aggressive loose player may fold a hand such as Ace of clubs and 10 of hearts before the flop, but if with this hand he sees an ace on the flop, it may be enough for you to take whole stack.

When you manage to make a weaker player to make decisions after the flop, you open the door to greater profits by winning more hands and to reduce your losses in situations where the opponent has a stronger hand.

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