When playing draws in a multi –pot, you should know that the most important thing is the strength of your hand. For instance, a nut flush draw will be much better than a straight draw with an useless end. Of course, this is not a big secret. In other words, if your opponent also has a draw hand, the strength of your draw should be of primary concern in decision making (in previously described situations you were supposed first to consider the type of your opponent, not your own hand). In case you have a relatively weak draw such as a flush draw without an Ace, you should try to get rid of those opponents who also have draw hands. On the other hand, with a better draw hand such as nut flush draw, you don’t care whether your opponents with flush draw will call. In this situation to call would be more profitable than to raise since in case the player who acts after you raises, you can easily call and if the rest of the players did the same, that significantly will increase your odds.

Summary: In a multi pot you should raise with weak draws and call with strong draw combinations.

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